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Victoria Laster owns and operates First Touch Neuromuscular Pediatrics. First Touch caters specifically to the special needs community. Ms. Laster has been practicing professional therapeutic sports massage for this community for more than fourteen years.


Her connection to special needs stems from her own personal experience as a special needs parent. She has witnessed firsthand the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy for children who are unable to experience the movement and exercise that they need to help them function.


Not only does Victoria have a distinct perspective as a special needs parent, her training and educational background make her a unique and exceptional professional neuromuscular massage therapist. She holds a B.A. in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Washington State University, a certificate in Professional Therapeutic Sports Massage from The Western Institute for Neuromuscular Therapy and a California State Massage License.


Ms. Laster is certified in Myofascial Release and Reconnecting Neuromuscular Responses (RNR) and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. Before starting First Touch Neuromuscular Pediatrics, Victoria was a Speech Therapy Assistant working with developmentally delayed children for many organizations throughout Southern California.

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