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"A mother of one of my patients surprised me one day by asking an unusual question: "What can I do that you don't have time to do, as a physical therapist, that will greatly impact my child's condition?" I said, "He needs body work in the form of massage and stretching." I guess she thought about it, as the next thing you know she is enrolled in a prestigious and arduous massage therapy school. A professional endorsement to tout a person's boldness, confidence and courage is not typical. But that is why I am recommending Victoria Laster for your child's neuromuscular massage therapy. She has the qualifications, education and work experience, practical and educational, to assist individuals with disabilities and unique health needs. As a mother of a special needs child, the position life has placed Victoria in affords her the ability to connect with you and your child in ways few are able. Victoria would be a valuable member of your health care team."


Karen Owens, PT, DPT, PCS, C/NDT, CAPS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist

Certified Neurodevelopmental Treatment

Certified Aging in Place Specialist

"Victoria is a Godsend to my daughter, who was severely brain-injured at 14 months of age. Victoria has a deep understanding of the body issues that accompany brain injury – hypotonicity, hypertonicity, contractures, sensory abnormalities and more. She brings therapeutic touch to children who so desperately need comforting therapies to optimize their physical condition and quality of life. What’s different about Victoria is that SHE has a special needs child. She understands firsthand the needs of our kids and how those needs impact our families. Victoria sees patients in her office in Irvine, as well as making convenient home visits. Victoria consults with our physical therapist and her treatments help prepare my daughter for physical therapy and release the stiffness and tone that come with limited mobility. I know it’s improving her condition and quality of life immensely."


Debra Curran

Mother of Severely Brain-Injured Child

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